Marketing and Advertising Planning

Does your messaging consider that 56% of gay men, and 71% of lesbians are in a committed relationship? How will your message and imagery be received by singles versus those in relationships? Or, men versus women?

Through market research surveys, your LGBT customers will tell you how to most effectively reach them, and where. Research eliminates the trial-and-error expense of a shotgun approach.

Your gay marketing efforts will require a unique mix of print, direct, Internet, mobile, trade and media outreach.

Creating an effective LGBT marketing plan within budget constraints often presents a serious challenge. We’ll take the guesswork (and costly mistakes) out of budgeting and implementation. We’ll help you navigate the growing diversity of advertising options, including:

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Where do you turn?

When your company or organization decides to expand its marketing efforts to include LGBTs, where do you turn?

Community Marketing & Insights can guide you through this complex, dynamic marketplace like no one else. We have an unparalleled depth of understanding, experience and resources. We can make your gay marketing effort an indispensable, positive and profitable component of your overall plan.

Contact us to discuss the opportunities your organization faces. We can show you some compelling case studies, and how to take steps towards creating a success story of your own.

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