LGBT Tourism Demographic Profile

Use this link to obtain a complimentary copy of CMI’s 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey CMI’s 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey (December 2013)

Key findings from CMI’s 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Study have been compiled from responses from self-identified gay and lesbian consumers who read LGBT publications, visit LGBT websites, and attend LGBT events. With over 8,000 qualified, community-representative respondents, this LGBT tourism-dedicated study offers valuable insights about consumers who may be reached through LGBT-dedicated marketing initiatives.

In addition to the Tourism Study, CMI produces online surveys, focus groups, field studies and customer satisfaction evaluations for a wide variety of clients including CVBs, DMOs and tourism offices, tour operators, hospitality groups, real estate developers, etc. In the year 2012 alone, CMI collected and analyzed over 100,000 gay and lesbian survey responses.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the travel and tourism industry in the United States generated more than U.S. $2 trillion in economic output in 2012. Based on this data and CMI sample demographics, we estimate that the annual economic impact of LGBT travelers is over US $100 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

Key Findings and Observations

1. Gay and bisexual men took an average of seven trips last year; four leisure trips and three for business. Lesbians and bisexual women took a similar number of leisure trips and one fewer business trip. These numbers are largely unchanged from last year.

2. Cruises are more popular among men, and those who are 45-64 years of age. Leading preferred cruise lines are Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Holland America.
Top LGBT charter cruise companies: Atlantis among men, Olivia among women.

3. Mid-range hotels are by far the most popular choice in the LGBT community. However, community choices are quite widespread among many categories. 1 in 4 women indicated using hotel alternatives compared to 1 in 5 men.

4. Good value price for accommodation and free internet are the two most important motivators while booking a hotel, for both men and women. High-end design is significantly more important to men than women.

5. Rest and relaxation is the main motivator for any LGBT vacation, with other interests being widely disbursed. Romance with partner and nature are far more important to lesbians and bisexual women. An LGBT scene is far more important to gay and bisexual men.

6. Younger LGBTs are much more motivated by visiting friends, entertainment and LGBT nightlife.

7. When traveling with children, the majority of LGBT parents are motivated by child-friendly destinations as well as child-friendly hotels, over LGBT-friendly destinations and hotels.

8. Most LGBTs view themselves as planners when it comes to vacation travel.

9. For both men and women, Pride remains the top LGBT event influencing travel. Bear events are doing quite well for gay and bisexual men, while women’s events of all kinds are doing well for lesbians and bisexual women.

10. Gay men are far more likely to have spent a night in an LGBT-dedicated guesthouse. Interest in LGBT-dedicated properties increases with age.

11. In previous years, the survey asked participants to write in from memory the single brand that did the best job outreaching to the LGBT community. This year we allowed participants to write in up to three selections, increasing all brand percentages. The change in question format caused large increases for Hilton and Marriott, and small increases for the boutique brands of Kimpton and W. However, the top five brands remain unchanged from last year. Hilton remains the top brand chosen for the second year in a row.

 For more key findings, download the 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey using the links below.

Permission to use this data is granted on the condition that all LGBT research references credit “Community Marketing, Inc., San Francisco, CA”

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Special cross-tab reports are available to assist marketers interested in more detail on sub-segments of the LGBT market. For further information please contact: Thomas Roth or call Tom at 415/437-3800.

Use this link to obtain a complimentary copy of CMI’s 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey CMI’s 18th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey (December 2013)

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