Market Intelligence:

Your most efficient and successful approach the LGBT market will be on a firm foundation of knowledge.

This should include:

Without this foundation, on what are you building your campaign? Jumping into the LGBT market (or any market) without proper preparation is like shooting in the dark.

Start by downloading and reviewing some of CMI’s latest research.

CMI’s LGBT Community Surveys

CMI’s LGBT Tourism & Hospitality Studies

CMI’s Business & Finance Studies

5th Annual CMI-NGLCC LGBT Business to Business Study
 in partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (exploring B2B opportunities with LGBT owned and managed companies). Click to download: CMI-NGLCC Business to Business Study 2015

Better Homes & Gardens/NAGLREP LGBT Real Estate Study Knowing that it is important to study the mindset of the LGBT community as it pertains to homebuying, and with the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and NAGLREP teamed up to conduct the largest survey of LGBT homebuying preferences. Download the report here. 

The LGBT Financial Experience. Typically, the custom research we do for clients is proprietary and not available for download from our website. But there’s one notable exception, a study that was commissioned by Prudential Financial, “The LGBT Financial Experience.”

CMI’s Same-sex Wedding & Engagement Study

Keep up to date on CMI research. Please join our research news list. We’ll let you know when new studies are available to download.

Custom Research

The LGBT market is dynamic and rapidly evolving. So whether you are new to the market or an LGBT market veteran, don’t consider market research a one-time exercise. Periodically taking a pulse on the market will keep your marketing plan healthy and productive. We recommend a regional or national survey every 18-24 months, with focus group reviews of new products or services, creative, offers, etc. as introduced.

We bring you the benefit of our 20+ years of LGBT market specialization. Far beyond delivering numbers and charts, our research practice delivers experience, relationships, and deep insight that is unparalleled.

Community Marketing’s expertise can guide you through this extremely important step, and ultimately expedite your market entry (or growth, if you’re already in the market) saving you time and money.

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We’ve provided LGBT market insights and strategic consulting to dozens of market leaders (both newcomers and market veterans), including:
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