CMI is Proud to Recommend Rivendell Media

Experts in Reaching the Gay and Lesbian Marketplace Through Targeted Advertising

Rivendell Media, America’s leading gay and lesbian media placement firm, has been securing national advertising in the gay press since 1979. Serving as the national advertising representative for over 200 gay and lesbian newspapers, magazines and entertainment guides – Rivendell Media is
a “one-stop shop” for gay media.

Proven in Travel and Tourism

With over 25 years of experience, Rivendell Media’s established and proven success in the travel and tourism industry includes a wide range of clients throughout the travel and tourism industry: Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, Washington DC CVB, Key West Bureau of Tourism, Greater Miami CVB, Canadian Tourism, Visit Britain, US Air, Orbitz, Travelocity, among others.

How Rivendell Will Target the
18 Million Travel-Friendly LGBT Market to Fit Your Needs

Gays and lesbians have a higher propensity to travel than the average US Adult.

In reaching your target market, Rivendell Media will develop strategies, make recommendations and plan campaigns based on your specific to your goals, whether your strategies are to geographically or demographically target the LGBT market or to consider travel habits.

With the marketing statistics we have accumulated and our vast archive of publications – we will help you understand and reach the gay consumer – a key to every travel campaign. We can tell you what is available in any market or make recommendations based on our experience.

Let Rivendell’s Experience Work for You

Our media planning and marketing consultation is free to clients and agencies that place their ads through us. (We are paid by the publications themselves in the same manner as an in-house sales rep.) Rivendell Media guarantees the rates we quote are the exact same National rates for each publication, and also offer any frequency and agency discounts as they may apply. We will also be able to provide any information about publications within 24 hours, including recommended plans and copies of publications.

Our company handles the publications’ invoices and insertion orders, verifies that the ads run, and supply you with tearsheets. You’ll find that this is a tremendous time savings compared to dealing with numerous individual sales reps. That is why agencies and companies opt to work with Rivendell Media.

Experts in Gay & Lesbian Media – Specialists in Travel and Tourism Ad Placement

To learn more about how Rivendell Media can work for you,
please email Todd Evans or call him at 908/232-2021, ext. 200